God is at work!

Dear NorthRidge Family,

COVID-19 has impacted us all. No matter what our circumstances, it's not easy. For me, it makes me want to be with my spiritual family more… not less. And yet, here we are… still physically separated. I hate it. I'm just glad that we can be spiritually connected digitally. It's definitely not my first choice… but I'm glad it is a choice.

I want you to know that our continuous prayer at NorthRidge is that God will use our weekend services and all of our weekday options to help you deal with this challenging season… and to genuinely meet your deepest needs. In the words of our mission, we want to keep you fully awake to Jesus… experiencing Him and His promises in your life.

Though we're not presently meeting at our campuses, I'm thankful that God is using our digital weekend services to reach so many who are new to NorthRidge. Below is an excerpt from a recent email we received that encouraged and inspired me. I hope you'll take the time to read it and then follow the link to a quick survey to let us know how you're experiencing Church during COVID. 

"I got involved with virtual groups the first week... I attended in person one-time last summer, but it didn't really stick, life got in the way, and so I didn't come back. That had sort of been the story with Church and me for probably the better part of the last 10-15 years… I attended but didn't feel connected or involved or a part of something in any way. Church was a chore, and I went because my parents wanted me to attend.

"I saw an Instagram post about virtual groups starting, and when the pandemic hit, I was starting to feel the pull to get back into my faith journey… I wanted to figure out why church "worked" for a lot of people, but didn't work for me. 

…I had reservations about whether or not I would feel included… Would this end up being like my previous experiences, which left me not wanting to be involved, or was this going to be something that would make a lasting impact?

For me, the latter part of that statement has been the absolute truth… I feel like I've experienced true spiritual growth and have been able to find my voice in Church like I never have before. I look forward to talking with our group on Thursday nights, and Church doesn't feel like a chore to me anymore… I feel like I've made lasting connections and friendships that are just different than my other relationships because they were formed around godly conversation.

If you would've asked me even six months ago if I would've been in a group and at times leading that group, I would've thought you were crazy because that is so far out of my element. However, it has led me to tremendous personal and spiritual growth, and I am totally changed by being a part of this ministry."

The Church is not a building… it's not just a catchy phrase… God is at work through and in His Church during this season, and lives are being changed! If you have a story to share, we'd love to hear it... email your story to [email protected].

Be sure and let us know, through our survey, how you're experencing Church during this season.

Expecting God's best,

Brad Powell
Senior Pastor