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Since 2012, NorthRidge families have sponsored children in the Area Development Programs (ADP) of Hamaundu and Moyo in Zambia, Africa. How awesome that God uses us to be His hands and feet to impact the lives of people on the other side of the world.

Celebrating the Zambia Health Project
"Thank you, NorthRidge Church, for your years of dedication to the Zambia Health Project. Although the infrastructure had been completed earlier, the culmination of this ambitious project took place on February 15, 2019, when the Moyo facility was officially handed over to the Zambian government. We celebrate with you, along with the communities of Hamaundu and Moyo, the fruits of this work—the Kanchomba Clinic and the Moyo Hospital." -World Vision (2019 Report)

Kanchomba Clinic
Mayo Hospital

Because of the generous support of the Zambia Health Project, mothers and infants can be safer during childbirth, better nourished, and have improved access to prenatal, postnatal, and general medical care. Local churches are prepared to take the lead to influence community improvements in health and well-being. And citizens have learned to work on advocating for their community's needs. Download the 2019 Report for more information.

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