GOC Opportunities

2021 GOC Serving Opportunities

The Glory of Christmas is the largest outreach event we do at NorthRidge. Be a part of something bigger than any of us... reaching thousands for Jesus. We have a ton of opportunities for you to get involved.

Check out the options below, and if interested, fill out the GOC Volunteer form.

Important Dates

  • Mon, Nov 1, 6:30-9:00p - Act 1 Rehearsal
  • Sun, Nov 7, 3:00-7:00p - Act 2 Rehearsal
  • Sundays, Nov 14, 21 & 28, 3:00-7:00p - Full Dress Rehearsals
  • Thursday, Dec 2 @ 7:00p - Performance
  • Friday, Dec 3 @ 7:00p - Performance
  • Saturday, Dec 4 @ 1:00p - Performance
  • Sunday, Dec 5 @ 3:00p & 7:00p - Performances


Do you love to sing and worship? Use your voice for Jesus? Then, join our GOC Adult Choir! You'll have the opportunity to sing the truth and love of Jesus to over 30,000 attendees through a span of 10 performances. Our Adult Choir is for high school ages and up.

Time Commitment: 7 Choir Rehearsals, Choir Blocking Rehearsal, Act 1 & 2 Rehearsals, 3 Full Dress Rehearsals, and 10 Performances.

Requirements: Any previous choir or vocal experience or simply the desire to sing with like-minded worshipers. Able to match pitch. NorthRidge attender. Audition is required.

Rehearsals: Sundays beginning Sept 19, 1:30-3:30p - Register Now (registration closes Sep 26)

Dance (Adult and Youth)

Whether you've been dancing in a studio for years or have taken a break and would love to come back, we have the team for you. Made up of all ages and skill levels, the NorthRidge Church Dance Team displays the talent you were given with the desire to "Wake the World Up to Jesus!"

Time Commitment: Weekly dance team rehearsals, specific element rehearsals, Act 1 & 2 Rehearsals, 3 Full Dress Rehearsals, and 10 Performances.

Requirements: Previous dance experience, any level. Audition is required.

Audition Registration: Sat, Sep 26, Santa's Dance Group

Drama (Non-speaking only)

Have you watched The Glory of Christmas and thought it would be fun if you could participate in it? Be a part of the cast! We even have an “ONLY ONE SONG” opportunity! Bring the whole family! Adults and children are welcome! Children, infant to 5th Grade, can participate if accompanied by an adult. We are always in need of additional male actors for possible soldiers, disciples, and kings!

Time Commitment: Varies, depending on the role. Rehearsal dates depend on the element. Also,  Act 1 & 2 Rehearsals, 3 Full Dress Rehearsals, and 10 Performances.

Requirements: No experience necessary. Auditions are required for some parts.

Auditions: Registration Closed

Happy Birthday, Jesus Soloist

Does your child love to sing and perform in front of others? What if they had the potential to use their talent to wake up over 30,000 people to Jesus?

Time Commitment: 1 specific element rehearsal, Act 1 Rehearsal, 3 Full Dress Rehearsals, and 10 Performances.


  • Audition and Call Back Audition required
  • Children who will be 4-6 years old by the start of the 2021 school year.
  • Children of parents who attend NorthRidge Church.
  • Children who are secure and confident in front of crowds (with great facial expressions).
  • Children who have a strong voice and good pitch.
  • Children who can follow directions from the stage and music directors.

Audition: Registration closed.

  • Download the audio files and lyrics for practice.
  • Although they may only be asked to sing a portion of it, please ensure your child knows the song in its entirety.
Student Choir

We want YOU to participate in the BIGGEST, merriest, most entertaining Glory of Christmas student choir EVER!

Time Commitment: 2 Music Rehearsals, Act 1 Rehearsal, 3 Full Dress Rehearsals, and 10 Performances.


  • Audition is required.
  • Students who will be in 2nd-8th grade for the 2021 school year.
  • Students of parents who attend NorthRidge Church.
  • Students who have a strong voice, good pitch, and great facial expressions and presence.
  • Students who can follow a music director.

Audition: Registration closed.

  •  Download the audio files and lyrics for practice.


Do you have a good ear for sound? Work well with people? We are training a team to place mics on people, stage, and anything else a first-class audio team needs to do for a stellar performance.

Time Commitment: Various work nights as you can, Act 1 & 2 Rehearsals, 3 Full Dress Rehearsals, and 10 Performances.

Requirements: Experienced or will train.

Costume Team

Sequin, ribbon, and lace, oh my! Help bring The Glory of Christmas to life on our costume team. We are looking for all levels of costuming skills, including gluing on sequins, sewing on a button, hemming, designing, organization, and administration.

Time Commitment: We cater to your schedule. We meet at various times, and projects can be taken home as well. Available but scheduled (based on your schedule): Act 1 & 2 Rehearsals, 3 Full Dress Rehearsals, and 10 Performances.

Flying Team

Sleighs, angels, and dancers floating through the air. Is it a miracle? No, it's brought to you by the Fly Team. Be part of a team that brings an element of awe and surprise to each Glory of Christmas performance!

Time Commitment: Varies by element.  Act 1 & 2 Rehearsals, 3 Full Dress Rehearsals, and 10 Performances.

Requirements: Must be able to lift at least 25 lbs., and have a sense of timing. Must also be able to follow instruction and do it all with a smile.


Be part of the team that shines through the entire Glory of Christmas! On the Lighting Team, you will help set-up and prepare the lighting and special effects (fog, cryo, confetti, pyrotechnics, etc.) for every show.

Time Commitment: We're flexible and will appreciate any time you can give!

Requirements: Training provided, no experience necessary!


That's music to our ears, literally! So use your talent for Jesus by touching the hearts of all attendees through your gift of music.

Time Commitment: 1 Music Rehearsal, Act 1 & 2 Rehearsals, 3 Full Dress Rehearsals, and 10 Performances

Requirements: Must have a college-level proficiency. Audition required.


Are you interested to learn how all the stuff above your head gets there and, more importantly, stays there? Excellent! The rigging crew would like to meet you. If you enjoy rock climbing, bouldering, high-sea adventures, or simply tying knots, we have a place for you. But, be warned; this crew has a questionable relationship with coffee.

Time Commitment: We're flexible, various work nights as your schedule allows.

Requirements: Trained and/or licensed would be good, but not required, training provided.

Set Finishing

The final step between stage fabrication and the actual stage. Being part of the Set Finishing team brings out the beauty and detail of each set piece and prop with paint, design work, glue, and beautiful, artful touches.

Time Commitment: 1-5 hours a week depending on availability
Training provided, no experience necessary!

Stage Crew

Ever wonder how the set pieces and props get to where they're supposed to be? It's because of the stage crew (aka NorthRidge Black Ops). Help us get into a rhythm, moving around our set pieces. This team becomes a family as we serve Him to “Wake the World up to Jesus!”

Time Commitment: 2 stage-specific Rehearsals, Act 1 & 2 Rehearsals, 3 Dress Rehearsals, and 10 Performances. Can't commit to that much? Consider helping us turn the stage between The Glory of Christmas rehearsals/performances and weekend services.

Requirements: Training provided, no experience necessary.

Stage Fabrication (Building Sets & Props)

Enjoy building things and working with your hands? Our Stage Fabrication team brings our stage designer's vision to life by building fully operational theatrical quality stage sets and props.

Time Commitment: 3-6 hours a week, as your schedule permits

Important Dates: Mondays and Thursdays, 6-9p, Work Nights

Requirements: Building/fabricating experience preferred; ability to work with your hands and take direction.

Live Video Production

Always wanted to learn how to use one of our cameras? Play a lot of video games? We're always looking to train camera operators, shaders (who fix the color on the video with a joystick), gib operators (that cool camera on a stick in the auditorium), TD's (who call all the elements), and many more. Join this exciting group of artists who create and shoot the magic of The Glory of Christmas!

Time Commitment: 3 Dress Rehearsals and 10 Performances

Requirements: Training provided, no experience necessary!


Event Team

Love to be a part of helping set up for and participate in one of our biggest events? The Event Team is for you! Join us in supporting GOC by assisting guests at our merchandise tables, prep areas for opening doors and during intermission. It's a great way to show His love!

Time Commitment: 2 Services or more

Requirements: Happy faces and a desire to help us "Wake the World Up to Jesus."

First Impressions Team

Have a pleasant demeanor and love to be around people? Then we have a perfect place for you! 

Join the First Impressions Team and show people where their seats are/where the bathrooms are/where to park, and all the other things they may be wondering about! (Sharing the love of Jesus and representing NorthRidge to thousands of people a night!)

Time Commitment: 1 Required Training
Training Dates: Oct 23, 6:45-8:00p / Oct 24 12:45-2:00p - Register Now

Requirements: A heart for serving people! (Smiles are nice too!)

More Opportunities (A team member will contact you with more information.)

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  • Facilities
  • Photography