Hope. What is possible when we step away from the noise of our own life and enter the lives of others.

You can enter the lives of dozens of Colombian children, teenagers, and families through two unique experiences.

NorthRidge partners with Street Kids Ministry to impact the lives of children raised by the streets. The Tolerant Zone is an area of Bogotá where kids endure most of their life without parental guidance. Street Kids Ministry provides opportunities for the love of Christ and the desperate need of children to intersect.

Dia Cero (Day Zero) is a weekend retreat focused on wayward teenagers. We have partnered with Conbiba, the local church in Bogotá, hosting nearly 500 kids to experience God in real and tangible ways.

Street Kids Ministry and Dia Cero bring light into darkness. There is not enough darkness in the entire world to put out the light of even one small candle. You have the opportunity to be that candle. Watch for future trips.

I live in Bogota, Colombia with 13 million other people. Things are far from being ok. Many kids roam the streets here and a significant part of the population is living with, and dying from, AIDS.

ConBiba came to my school and shared the message of Jesus. I went to "Day Zero" camp where my life was changed. Through this state-of-the-art experience I began a relationship with God and now attend weekend services. ConBiba and I are in my community, caring for the sick, and providing hope for the hopeless.

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