Adoption / Foster Care

To help you on your journey with adoption or foster care, attend the Discover Adoption/Foster Care class to learn more about the process.

The Discover Adoption/Foster Care Class provides an opportunity for people to find reliable information in a safe environment where they can ask and discuss their questions and concerns about Adoption and Foster Care. This class is particularly valuable for those who are just beginning to consider adoption or foster care, as well as for those who still have unanswered questions about the process. During our time together, we will also discuss many adoption and foster care myths and contrast them with honest realities.

Next Discover Adoption/Foster Care Class
October 2022, Plymouth Campus
Watch for details.

Discover Adoption/Foster Care Support Group: This virtual group meets on the third Monday of each month, at 6:30p. If you plan to attend, contact Karen Schultz and she will send the meeting information.

Available download: Questions for Selecting an Adoption or Foster Care Agency

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