The show must go on!

We’re planning to finish what we started—our Kids' Choir season ended so suddenly, it left us all feeling a little incomplete.

So, we’ve decided to pick up where we left off oh-so-many months ago. This “mini Kids’ Choir season” will begin in February 2021 and will take the place of our normal Kids’ Choir season with performances in March

  • If your child had a special part (drama, solo, dance, etc.), and they still want it (regardless of their grade), they can keep their part.
  • If they have “graduated” in grade to the older choir (was in 1st now in 2nd), they can now participate in BOTH choirs this year! 
  • If they have “graduated” out of choir (now in 7th grade), they are more than welcome to come back and do Camp Heart and Soul with us anyway! 

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be dialing in the details and finding answers to all of the questions we know you have. In the meantime, keep practicing your songs and choreography (links below).

Didn’t participate last year, but are interested this year? Stay tuned for information on how to register, but feel free to have them start practicing now!

Choreography & Music

Camp Heart & Soul: Choreography | Music | Lyrics
Happy Lil Campers - Music & Choreography | Lyrics