Weekend Series
Origins Vol. IV

Many of us think of Bible stories as just that… stories. It’s hard to imagine real people in real places encountering a real God. That’s the reason for our new interactive video series Origins Vol. IV.

In this series, we’ll take you on a journey to see the places that you’ve only read about. We hope this series will bring new context to the stories you’ve heard over and over. And in turn, strengthen your faith in a miraculous God who loves you. It’s one thing to read about a place, but it’s another thing to see it for yourself.

Plymouth Campus Shuttle: If you are a regular Sunday attender, park at Adient to give easy access for our guests. Shuttle Hours: 8a-2p. Map

Origins' Groups
Through the end of November

In the Origins Vol. IV series, Pastor Brad will be sharing some incredible truths from places like Egypt, Jordan, and Israel. In addition to this unique series, you have an opportunity to take the weekend talks further by joining an Origins Community Group for eight weeks during this series. You will be able to dive deeper into conversation and material around these incredible biblical sights and to connect with others who are eager to learn and grow in their faith as well. Groups consist of 8-12 people, beginning the week of October 6th through the week of November 24th. Fill out the Community Group Connection Form and we will get you connected.