May - Jul 27

27 - 1

Virtual Men's Bible Study

Join us for a summer session of Men's Bible Study, as we grow in our relationship with Christ and each other. Morning and evening options available.Learn more......

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May 29


Virtual Discover Adoption/Foster Care

The Discover Adoption/Foster Care class provides an opportunity for people to find reliable information in a safe environment where they can ask and discuss their questions and concerns about Ado...

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Jun 1


Virtual Summer Care Groups

We are designed for community! Care groups and classes help to encourage and support those who are facing life's challenges or transitions. By learning how to apply biblical principles to your li...

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Jun 6


Virtual Thrive Financial Bootcamp

There may not be a better time to get our finances in shape than now. Ask yourself, is there room to improve in our finances? Are we accomplishing what God is asking us to do with all He’s give...

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Jun 19


Virtual Prepare-Enrich© - Grace & Forgiveness Workshop

Remember, none of us is perfect! So why do we hold on to grudges and bitterness, creating negativity that affects you and others, especially those who are most important in your life? Forgiveness...

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