Life Remodeled

Life Remodeled is a Detroit-based nonprofit that invests in Detroit neighborhoods each year. Various projects have included. owner-occupied home repairs, a construction project in partnership with the local high school, and a large-scale neighborhood clean-up project. Since 2014, Life Remodeled has coordinated a total of 42,232 volunteers to clean up 1,273 city blocks, board up 1,622 vacant homes, and repair 184 owner-occupied homes.

How can you help: Our team will spend 3 Saturdays in May doing various projects in the Durfee Elementary school. The projects include painting, landscaping (weed flower beds, plant flowers, mow and trim), hanging acoustic panels in the auditorium, and a small construction project. Some projects require a specific skill set.

May 1 & 8 will be the painting team, May 15 designated for landscaping and construction projects.

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