Food Drive

Our annual Food Drive will benefit Detroit families in need this year. Bring your food donation (Donation List) in a bag to service and leave it behind your car, or drop your donation off at your campus during the week (May 17-21, 9a-5p). Volunteers will collect your donation.

How We Can Help:

  • You can put a bag of food behind your car that will be picked up by one of our volunteers or drop one off at your campus during the week - no registration is required for this!
  • Register to help collect bags of food that are brought during the weekend services.
  • Register for a weekday shift at your campus (May 17-21, 9a-1p or 1-5p), where you will help collect and organize donations.
  • Register to help deliver boxed food to our charity partner, Good News Gang, on May 22, 12p (this is an adult-only opportunity).

Click an opportunity below to volunteer...
Weekend Collection: May 15/16 | May 22/23
Weekday Collection, May 17-21: Plymouth | Brighton | Grosse Ile

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