Feb 21


Special Needs Worship Night

A FUN family night filled with unbridled worship! Sing as loud as you want with a NO SHUSH rule! God wants us to praise Him as we are. The night will include fellowship and dinner for those who r...

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Feb 27


Prepare-Enrich© - Love & Cherish Workshop

We talk about love more than cherishing our spouse, but what is the difference between the two? Discover how a cherishing attitude will enrich, deepen and even spiritually strengthen your relatio...

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Mar 26


Prepare-Enrich© - Grace & Forgiveness Workshop

Remember, none of us is perfect! So why do we hold on to grudges and bitterness, creating negativity that affects you and others, especially those who are most important in your life? Forgiveness...

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Jun 15

15 - 20

High School - MOVE Summer Camp

It’s more than just a camp. Move is a five-day, high school only event designed to amplify Christ’s call on our lives to become Kingdom Workers! We'll spend the week at Hope College in Hollan...

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Jul 6

6 - 10

Middle School - CIY Mix Summer Camp

CIY Mix is a four-day youth conference designed specifically for incoming 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. It's a week filled with crazy games, energetic worship, engaging talks, deep small grou...

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