Starting Point

Go ahead, ask the tough questions

We want to wake the world up to Jesus. We want people to discover and experience God at their pace, in a respectful environment, through authentic conversation. 

Have you ever heard someone say that they have a "relationship with God" but never really understood exactly what that meant? Starting Point is a small gathering of people who are looking to understand what it means to have a relationship with God.

If you have questions about faith, Jesus and how all of that is supposed to work, then we would love to invite you to join us in Starting Point. This eight-week group has the potential to change the trajectory of your life as you discover who Jesus is and what He did so that we can have a real relationship with God. Everyone has a starting point and maybe this is the very thing you need to find yours!

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What people are saying...

:: "It answered so many questions I had about my Starting Point in faith. I feel more comfortable moving forward and feel like I am part of the NorthRidge family."

:: "I take away a better understanding and I also takeaway an amazing group of friends that I have made the past eight weeks."

:: "Starting Point has impacted my life by giving me a foundation to build my faith upon. It has given me knowledge to continue growing in my relationship with Jesus and helped me figure out my next steps in my spiritual journey."

:: "A feeling of belonging to a church that really cares about my spiritual development. I worried about joining a mega church and being lost in the crowd, but I have found the small group experience to be very helpful."

:: "Specifically, I have taken away a basic knowledge of the Bible and Jesus from my Starting Point experience. I have been given resources to continue learning and growing in my faith."