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If you have a question, email the person over your child's age group. We'd love to have you join us, as well as meet the spiritual needs of your child, no matter their age!

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Their journey begins here

RidgeKids is a place we created for children to learn about God while having fun and making new friends. Whether singing, dancing or creatively working through the day's lesson, the goal is simply to nurture tiny hearts and challenge children to live God's message in their own lives.

From large group worship to small group discussion, children are not only engaged, but equipped with the visuals and activities necessary to build a strong connection with God and others.

Nursery - Kindergarten


The nursery is for our youngest attenders, ages six weeks to three years. Each room ministers to a specific age group with toys and activities appropriate to their developmental level. In the nursery, children learn they are loved by God, and us!


Fun is the key to a child's heart and so, fun is what this ministry is about. At this age, children begin classroom rotations. They sing and learn about God's love through active drama that brings the Bible to life, then move to Small Group to talk about the lesson and make a craft to take home. The goal is to build three critical relationships: Kid-to-Kid, Kid-to-Leader, and ultimately Kid-to-God.

1st-3rd Grade

We have a program created just for 1st-3rd Grade kids. We take them on "The Adventure of a Lifetime" as we explore the great things God wants for us! In Large Group time, kids participate in high energy worship music and learn how God's Word applies to them. It's kid-targeted; meeting them right where they are by using creative formats including drama and video. During Small Group time, kids are challenged to explore how they can take God's Word and start living it every day.

4th-5th Grade

This program, designed for 4th-5th Grade kids, meets during our normal service times. It includes state of the art audio and video equipment that aid in performing our Bible lesson dramas, along with a cool diner for snacks, an awesome video game center, and the most comfortable seating EVER! In this unique environment, our 4th-5th Graders can make friends, feel comfortable and be energized to learn more about our God.

Starting Point for Kids

Starting Point for Kids is a 5-week series written for kids in grades 3-5 who are wondering about what being a Christian means to them, in addition to baptism, communion and reading their Bible.

To be eligible for baptism, children will need to complete the class series, worksheets, a baptism application, and talk to a RidgeKids staff member or team leader about when they asked Jesus into their life.

If you have questions, call the RidgeKids Office @ 734.233.3642.

Child Dedication

While we are not currently hosting any child dedication services, we would like to offer some alternatives. If you are interested in knowing what those options are, please contact us.

If you would like information or have questions about Child Dedication at NorthRidge, click here to watch a brief video.

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