Forever's gotta start somewhere

Whether you're seriously dating or engaged, we're here to provide opportunities for you to grow your relationship.

The NorthRidge Premarriage Program includes, year round Premarriage Workshops, the Prepare-Enrich® Workshops and Volunteer Mentoring. Many of our NorthRidge Pastors officiate weddings and provide Pastoral Counseling in their role.

Premarriage Workshops
If you're seriously dating or engaged, we offer an experiential and informative workshop that will add practical value to you personally and your relationship! Experience community with other couples in your life place.

Topics include Communication; Intimacy; Finances; Conflict Resolution; and past attender's favorite topics in dealing with Temperament and Family of Origin. No matter how young or old you are, whether your first or second marriage... add this workshop to your checklist!

Stay tuned for future workshop opportunities. If you have a pending wedding and would like to connect for premarriage care, please contact 734.414.7777, x 3656.

Premarriage Program - Getting Started


This quick and easy online form helps us process your premarriage request. The general information lets us know if you're seriously dating, or are engaged with or without a wedding date and and your interest to inquire about a NorthRidge Pastor to officiate your wedding. Complete the Premarriage Questionnaire.


The His/Her Prepare® Survey is published by Life Innovations, Inc. and is used in our overall premarriage program to help couples discover their individual and couple strengths as well as areas of growth. It's a fun and informative resource that we believe adds great value to your relationship. This company charges $35 per couple to complete their Survey.


NorthRidge Pastors are often requested to officiate weddings. If available to officiate, they provide limited premarriage counsel to these couples in preparation of their wedding day. Our Pastors request that couples attend one of our Premarriage Classes as part of the overall counsel provided.

If you have no wedding date and/or you are not having a NorthRidge Pastor officiate your wedding, we encourage you to attend a Premarriage Workshop and also take advantage of our Prepare-Enrich© Workshop. that focus on single topic per event such as "Communication", "Conflict Resolution" and "Family of Origin." Our workshops are available throughout the calendar year and are open to couples seriously dating, engaged or married.