Mighty Oaks

Veterans & First Responders

The mission of Mighty Oak's is to support male Veterans, Active Duty Personnel and First Responders in dealing with life challenges associated with their service to America.

We recognize your sacrifice and the transitional challenges you face. NorthRidge is honored to serve as a weekly outpost that provides an environment of encouragement, camaraderie and peer support. Thank you for your incredible service to our country!

Join other male Veterans, Active Duty Personnel and First Responders in building a life of strength, courage and purpose in combating the daily challenges of life, utilizing faith-based curriculum and group interaction. 

“The prison door’s have been open for all of these years and yet I thought I was just ‘trapped’ in this prison... I was free the whole time and didn’t even realize it!” - Recent Participant

We're honored to support you, our heroes. Download additional information on the Mighty Oaks Program.