Oct 5

5 - 10
Life Remodeled

Life Remodeled

Don't miss this opportunity to join the 2020 Six Day Project at Durfee Innovation society with Life Remodeled. We'll serve alongside volunteers from the neighborhood, corporations, civic organiza...

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Oct 16


"Rediscover the Power in Your Marriage"

It is natural for couples to drift apart in their marriage by gradually shifting their focus on the immediate demands and responsibilities, especially with the added stress in these unprecedented...

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Nov 20


"Loving Well"

We all want to experience love, but do we often ‘feel’ love in our marriage? It seems we started our ‘I Do’ with feeling true love, but why does it seem to fade over time? How do we regai...

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Dec 18


"The Greater Path Towards Connection"

Every marriage partner desires to be heard and understood. So why is it in our conversations with the one we love often leave us feeling more distant and even less valued? How do we move from dis...

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