Young Adults

Discover Your Purpose. Find Your Community.

Helping young adults post-high school and in their 20’s realize God’s desire for their lives.

Adulting is hard sometimes. Ok… a lot of the time. It’s tough to balance work, school, relationships, family, and whatever else life throws your way (a pandemic…really?). Your life is so much more than those things, and we want to help you discover your true purpose and find the lasting community you need. No matter where you’ve been in life or where you find yourself right now, we know that God has a plan for you. Let us help!

In-Person Gatherings


Each Thursday at 7:30p, we gather at the Plymouth Campus, in The Underground, to grow in our journey with Jesus. We get to do it in an awesome environment with friends that love, support, and challenge each other to become more like Jesus!

We meet as a large group to dig into Jesus’ principles and discover what they mean for us today. Then we break into smaller groups for relationship-building and meaningful conversations! Come as you are, by yourself or bring friends. Come ready to take your next step!


Our Brighton group meets every Monday at 7p at the Brighton Campus. Contact Tim for more information!

Our Grosse Ile group meets every other Wednesday at 7p at the Grosse Ile Campus. Contact Natalie for more information!

If you have any questions, a prayer request, or just need some support – I would love to hear from you. We are so excited to be a part of your story!

Andrew Hamilton
Young Adult Ministries Director