Rise & Restore

Understanding, Healing, Wholeness

Rise & Restore is a Christ-centered group for women recovering from past sexual abuse/trauma.

We respect and acknowledge each woman's right to be where she needs to be on her road to recovery. We recognize the sensitivity we need for each group member, so we must remember that "What we hear, let it stay here." In our groups, telling ourselves the truth about sexual abuse in a safe setting is essential to believe that the Lord will guide us to further understanding, healing, and wholeness. The recovery process is most effective for those with a strong support system.

Purchase the Participant's Guide "The Journey Begins" by Open Hearts Ministry that is used in the group discussion.

Contact Care Ministries if immediate support or resources are needed.

Winter Session
Mondays, January 9 - March 13, 6:30 – 8:30p

Plymouth Campus, Able to join any time.
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