Marriage Builders

Happily ever after takes work

The challenges of marriage are common, yet still unique to each couple. This group will help you strengthen your marriage as you learn how to forgive and how to grow during the difficulties of life.

Winter Session: "I Love You More" by Les and Leslie Parrot
How Everyday Problems Can Strengthen Your Marriage

The big and little annoyances in your marriage are actually opportunities to deepen your love for each other. Relationship experts and award-winning authors, Les and Leslie Parrott believe that your personal quirks and differences—where you squeeze the toothpaste tube, how you handle money—can actually help draw you together provided you handle them correctly. Turn your marriage’s prickly issues into opportunities to love each other more as you learn how to build intimacy while respecting personal space, tap the power of a positive marriage attitude, replace boredom with fun, irritability with patience, busyness with time together, debt with a team approach to finances . . . and much more. Plus--get an inside look at the very soul of your marriage, and how connecting with God can connect you to each other in ways you never dreamed.

Purchase the book, one per couple, and one workbook individually--each designated separately for men and women. Go to

Virtual Group, Mondays, 6:30-8:30p
Meets: January 11 - March 22, join any time
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