Marriage Builders

Happily ever after takes work

The challenges of marriage are common, yet still unique to each couple. This group will help you strengthen your marriage as you learn how to forgive and how to grow during the difficulties of life.

Spring Session: Communication in Marriage
How Good Communication Skills Can Help Overcome Misunderstandings and Disagreements, Reduce Stress, and Bring Your Marriage Closer to God’s Intent. Topics for discussion will include:

  • God’s Design for Your Marriage, and How Communication Techniques Can Help (or Hurt!) Achieving It.
  • How Understanding – and Overcoming - Common Barriers to Effective Communication Can Set the Stage for Improved Relationships.
  • The Importance of Grace, Forgiveness, and Creating a Safe Environment.
  • The Components of Effective Communication: A Two-Way Street
  • Communication Techniques to Help Overcome (or Avoid!) Marital Disagreements and Reduce Stress.

Virtual Group, Mondays, 6:30-8:30p

April 5 - May 24, join any time
No materials to purchase required.
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