Marriage Care Mentoring


Volunteer Schedule
Appointment Based

Marriage Care is hope-focused support for couples dealing with common rough spots in marriage. Volunteers help couples find out what is going well and what isn’t, and understand the “why” as they work towards discovering relevant solutions for their specific situations. Marriage Care volunteers are couples experiencing healthy, Christ-centered marriages. Volunteers will meet 1-6 times with the couple needing care.

Interested volunteers are required to complete a 10 week Care Training Course.

The next Marriage Care Training will be offered on Monday, March 17 through May Monday, May 19 from 7p – 9p. Register

Due to the nature of this volunteer position, you will also be required to go through an application, background check, and interview process. You must be a NorthRidge member or actively pursuing membership to apply.

Time Commitment: Weekly or bi-weekly for 1-2 hours

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