Ways to Give

Thanks for your interest in supporting the ministries of NorthRidge.

Your decision to give enables us to equip ministries that serve here as well as in local, national and international outreach that impacts the world.

Give with an Account

This is a safe, secure way to give with an account to the ministries of NorthRidge. You can also setup reoccurring gifts, view giving history and tax statements.

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Give without an Account

Interested in Giving, but don't want to create an account at this time? This is an easy and convenient way to give to NorthRidge.

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Contributions can also be mailed to:

NorthRidge Church
Attention: Business Office
49555 N. Territorial, Plymouth, MI 48170


Where to Give

General Ministry

A contribution to this fund goes towards the ongoing mission of the church by providing funding for all ministry operations. (Malachi 3:10)



At times, our church families can experience financial hardship. Contributions to this fund helps them navigate those financial emergencies by providing assistance with food, shelter and other life necessities. (James 1:27)


Planned Giving

Noncash Gifts


Stock Donation

Did you know you can donate to the ministries of NorthRidge through stocks? You may transfer ownership of stocks, bonds or mutual fund shares. Marketable Securities are a great way to maximize your giving, because you receive an immediate income tax deduction for the full fair market value of your securities. In addition, you pay no capital gains tax on the difference between your cost and the fair market value.

To Donate Stock Broker to Broker (Typical)
1. Contact your broker and let them know that you wish to have a DTC Transfer of Stock to NorthRidge Church.

2. Instruct your broker to process specific stock(s) with a targeted transfer date to NorthRidge Church. The broker requires the following information.

DTC Transfer # 5198 Merrill Lynch
Choose Acct- 619-04150
NorthRidge Church
General Fund

3. Notify our Business Office (Email Us) that a Stock transfer is in process, after you have contacted your broker.

4. Request your broker to formally notify our Business Office when the transfer has been completed.

To Donate Stock in Certificate Form
1. Each Stock Certificate, unsigned. (If your certificate is signed please contact our Business Office before sending for separate designation instructions.) 734.414.7777

2. A signed Stock Power and a signed Disclaimer are required for each stock certificate. Forms may be obtained by calling our Business Office.

3. Specify the Stock to be used for “General Fund.”

4. Mail the Stock Certificates in one envelope. In another envelope mail the Stock Power and Disclaimer forms. Both envelopes are to be mailed to the agent responsible for processing NorthRidge Church Stock activities:

Merrill Lynch
Attn. Judith Helmuth
290 Town Center Drive Suite 1100
Dearborn, MI 48126


Life Insurance Beneficiary

A current life insurance policy can be transferred to NorthRidge, for which you receive an immediate income tax deduction for the cash surrender value. NorthRidge may elect one of two options: cash in the policy for immediate ministry needs, or keep it and utilize the death benefit later or you can simply name NorthRidge as a beneficiary of your policy.


Estate Planning
Everyone has an estate and when we pass into eternity, it will all go somewhere. By making NorthRidge a part of your estate plan, you can ensure that your legacy will live on in the lives of those impacted for the Kingdom.

Planned Gifts
If you have planned in advance to give a gift as part of your overall personal financial strategy (retirement assets, bequests, trusts, etc.), we recommend that you discuss your decision with your tax and/or financial advisor.

There are several types of gifts that may fall under this category, many of which are very simple to make and do not require any formal communication to us. These include:

Retirement Assets
Name NorthRidge as a beneficiary of your IRA, 401(k) or other qualified retirement plan. Any amounts left in your plan will transfer to NorthRidge free of income and estate tax.

You can name NorthRidge in your will as a beneficiary, and your estate will receive an income tax deduction for the value of your bequest. A bequest written in a will can be made for either a percentage or an amount.

Other types of planned giving include gifts that may be more long-term in nature. For example:

Charity Gift Annuity
Cash or marketable securities are transferred to a charitable organization in exchange for a current income tax deduction and the organization’s promise to make fixed annual payments to you for life.

Charity Lead Trust
Cash or marketable securities are transferred to a trust, which makes fixed payments to the charitable organization over a specified period of time, then transfers the remaining assets to your heirs.

If you are interested in any of these ways to give, please Email Us.

Employer sponsored donations
Many companies enjoy giving matching donations to organizations that their employees support financially. Check with your employer and make your gift go further!