Would you like to understand your finances from a biblical perspective?

Maybe you'd like to make your money count toward something more. We'd love to invite you to one of our many spaces designed to help you explore financial resources from God's point-of-view and learn how to make an impact for His Kingdom.


Estate Planning

We all have an Estate. Your Estate includes your car, your house, your wedding ring, your life insurance, your 401K… all of your stuff.  An Estate Plan determines to whom your stuff will be given when you move into eternity. We offer this course to help God’s people maximize the impact of their estate for the benefit of themselves, family and the Kingdom of God.

Fact #1 – Estate Planning is a stewardship issue. God has entrusted you with significant resources. How are you managing them?

Fact #2 – Estate Planning leads the most procrastinated list – 70% of families have not done any estate planning.

Fact #3 – Everyone that transfers wealth will make a charitable gift. The question is who is the charity of your choice?

Fact #4 – The largest charitable beneficiary in the world, if you do not have a plan, is the Federal Government in the form of unnecessary taxes.

Fact #5 – Estate Taxes, Capital Gains Taxes and Income Taxes are optional. All of these taxes can be significantly reduced if you use the charitable portion in the tax code to full advantage.

Want to know more? Come to our Estate Design Seminar


Financial Coaching

Financial Coaches work with couples and individuals, helping them develop a personal spending plan, apply biblical principles of stewardship, build a plan to get out of debt and achieve spiritual and financial freedom.

Our coaches are trained volunteers who desire to assist God’s people in setting up a budget and learning how to honor God with their finances. Topics like investing, insurance and financial planning are not covered, other than to include these categories in a written spending plan if needed. If you are specifically looking for this type of help, we suggest that you contact a professional near you.

Use this link to learn more about meeting with a Financial Coach

Interested in Becoming a Financial Coach?

NorthRidge Financial Coaches are trained to meet people who want to gain control of their finances. Coaches need to have the heart of a teacher and be willing to help walk people through a step-by-step process of creating a budget and spending plan, and a debt elimination plan. The foundation of the coaching ministry is God’s biblical principles of stewardship. Training is provided.

We are confident that as you put your faith into action you will grow in ways that will surprise you. Join the team, expand your heart, develop an eternal perspective and let God transform you in the midst of your service to him.

If you are interested in learning more about joining the team of coaches, use this link and we will contact you on how to Become a Coach


Financial Peace University

Live Like No One Else!
The recently updated Financial Peace University (FPU) is Dave Ramsey’s life-changing program that teaches you to achieve your financial goals by eliminating debt, saving for the future, and giving like never before. More than 1 million families have attended FPU with amazing results. You will be challenged and motivated to make a plan for your money and change your family tree forever! Watch the Preview

What is Financial Peace University?
The goal of Financial Peace University is not just information—we’re looking for transformation. More than 977 NorthRidge families have attended FPU with amazing results. On average, they pay off $5,675 in debt and save $2,591 in just 90 days.

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Raising Financially Healthy Kids

November 8, 9a-12p // NorthRidge Plymouth

Even the best parents can sometimes lack a little confidence in knowing how to prepare their kids for success in life… especially when it comes to the topic of money and finances.

This seminar will provide parents of children (4-18 years) with tools, confidence and sound biblical principles to teach their kids how to live healthy, God-honoring financial lives.

It will provide you with:

Five key principles to prepare your son or daughter to be financially responsible now and in the future.

  • Creative ways to use money earned at home as a learning tool for “real world” financial principles.
  • Jobs that every child should experience at home.
  • Ideas and action steps for children at each developmental stage.
  • An awareness of how teaching and modeling healthy financial principles helps your child build a more solid and joyful life.

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