Local Partnerships

Our Local Programs partner with community organizations in local neighborhoods. As a volunteer, there are many opportunities for you to get involved. Serving in our community is a great way to grow your faith and impact the world around you. Click the appropriate tab below to find out more.


Mack Avenue Tutoring Program

When I started 3rd grade, I could barely write in sentences. I hated sitting in class because I was scared someone would ask me to read out loud. Then I started meeting with a tutor in the Mack Avenue Ministry and everything has changed. Not only can I read and write, but I’m learning about Jesus at the same time. My tutor cares about me and this program is giving me the opportunity to succeed.


Central Detroit Christian

Living in central Detroit is not easy. Poverty is everywhere and rising above it all seems impossible at times. Central Detroit Christian has come along side me in every imaginable way to help me break through and reach for more in Christ. Through tutoring, the Christmas Store, the middle and high school clubs, and even the community garden, I’ve been able to see a different life and am making choices that are leading me toward success.


Mission City

My family has not had the easiest time here in Brightmoor. Most of my friends are either really behind in school or have dropped out completely. Families are having a tough time escaping the cycle of poverty. Mission City came along side my family with resources and education and it’s changing our future. My tutor helped me graduate from high school and now I’m a leader in training.