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Jul 20-26, 2014 YoungLives Camp

YoungLives, is a ministry to a young life of a teen mom and their children. Here is the life of one of the teens that attended the camp last year…Amanda (named changed to protect her true identity) has been prostituted by her mom since the age of 12 to support her mother’s drug addiction. Trina (again her name has been changed) is caught up in gang activity and now faces cervical cancer.

This years camp will be at the Timber Wolf Lodge, Lake Ann, MI. They are expecting over 100 teen moms and their children from across the country - including Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Michigan and Alabama. At camp young moms are given the opportunity to experience all the fun their peers do. From the pool and zip line to the ropes course and the pamper pole, there is no shortage of excitement. During camp, the young women get a break from their everyday schedules - thanks to childcare volunteers who look after their children. Teen moms get the chance to relax, play, and learn about God and His plan for their lives.

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Sep 25-Oct 12, 2014 Togo, W. Africa

Don't ask God to bless what you want to do. Get involved in what God is doing... He has already blessed it. God is providing a village of over 20,000 Togolese with a medical facility capable of providing much needed health attention. In Mango, Togo, broken bones are left to heal on their own, insect borne and water borne diseases are left untreated, the infant mortality rate is appalling and many other ailments do not receive adequate care.

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Oct 25-Nov 5, 2014 Colombia

Our Local and Global programs partner with community organizations and missionaries in local neighborhoods and around the globe. As a volunteer, you will have the invaluable experience of helping others and learning from people of various cultural backgrounds. There are approximately 13 million people in the city of Bogota, Colombia. A city with every social status, background and lifestyle you could imagine. Craig Lingo teaches, "If your church is going to reach Bogota we must look like Bogota." His congregation, ConBiba has gone beyond trying to bring people in and "Christianizing" them to going into the darkest places to be the light.

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Oct 30-Nov 15, 2014 Philippines

Our partnership church, Community Baptist Church and Missionary Greg Lyons, have been planting churches in the metro manila area for decades. Their mission is to establish a community of believers, each equipped and committed to minister effectively to those around them. The services that our team will provide will open doors to areas that have not been receptive to hearing the gospel before.

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Feb 28-Mar 7, 2015 Haiti (Medical)

In partnership with Pastor Vijonet Demero and Church of the Good News – we will be providing a much needed medical team to the area of Port-au-Prince. If you are presently working in the medical field then this is the trip for you. Pastor Vijonet is greatly impacting his local community for Christ and this type of medical ministry is another service we can assist with as they help build the kingdom in Haiti. The services that our team will provide will open doors to areas that have not been receptive to hearing the gospel before.

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