Global Partnerships

Our Global Programs partner with organizations and missionaries around the world. As a volunteer, there are many opportunities for you to get involved. Serving is a great way to grow your faith and impact the world. Click the appropriate tab below to find out more.



I live in Bogota, Colombia with 13 million other people. Things are far from being ok. Many kids roam the streets here and a significant part of the population is living with, and dying from, AIDS.

ConBiba came to my school and shared the message of Jesus. I went to “Day Zero” camp where my life was changed. Through this state-of-the-art experience I began a relationship with God and now attend weekend services. ConBiba and I are in my community, caring for the sick, and providing hope for the hopeless.



I live in Croatia with my family. We were Roman Catholic but I wasn’t really sure what that meant, because we never really went to mass. I was unsure of where I stood with God but thought that was how it was for everyone, because most of my friends were in the same boat.

I attended a service at Baptisticka Crkva Mackovec and everything changed. I learned that God was not interested in rituals, but that He wanted a relationship with me. I began reading my Bible for myself and have had the chance to share my new church with my friends that are still in darkness.



I live in a 4 x 6 tent with my mentally disabled mom and my grandma. Finding basic things like food and water are a daily struggle for everybody living in our tent city. Sanitation is non-existent and, for most children, school is not an option.

Because of World Orphans, I now have a reason to smile. Through partnership with churches like NorthRidge, I have food to eat, I am going to school, I have clothes to wear, and I know it is all because of Jesus.



I am a teenager in the slums of India. My family’s number 1 concern is water. Because our only source is contaminated and crowded, our time was spent waiting in line and we suffered from life threatening illnesses. I lost my 7 year old sister due to a disease caused by poor sanitation.

Sower of Seeds has created 3 wells in my area over the past year. We now have clean, accessible water which means now we can avoid disease, malnutrition, and I can go to school.



I was born in one of the poorest regions of Nicaragua. Because my parents didn’t register me with the government, I could not attend school and had no access to government services. Many girls like me must turn to prostitution just to eat.

Food for the Hungry has helped me register with the government. I now attend school and have the prospect of work. Through partnership with our church and community leaders, we are learning what it looks like to live in proper relationship to God and each other.



I live in a big city in the Philippines. My friends and I are left to fend for ourselves as our parents work long hours. My generation feels forgotten and has largely turned to prostitution, drugs, and other destructive patterns.

Mega City Ministries invited me to a week long camp where I discovered a relationship with Jesus. Everything is changing for me now. I am being discipled and I’ve been able to share Jesus with my whole family.