We offer a variety of activities that help women connect at NorthRidge.

If you're interested in making new and lasting friendships, deepening your relationship with Christ, and reaching out to others around you... then check out the tabs below. There's plenty to choose from, so sign up today to get started!


Canvas Painting Night, August 18, 6:30-8:30p

Hosted at the Plymouth and Brighton Campuses

Whether you have always been wanting to get connected to other women who attend the same church as you or you are eager to get in touch with your inner Van Gogh… join us for a special night of fellowship and fun! No experience with Women’s Ministry or painting required! Our experienced illustrators will guide the group through a painting project. All materials are included and all skill levels are welcome.

For those of you who have been involved in Women’s Ministry before, this event is the perfect time for you to invite a friend or two! Bring them along and introduce them to some of your crazy church friends! If this is your first time joining us, you are welcome to bring a friend as well but we consider you our guest! Ladies 14 and up welcome!

The Details
• This event is taking place at our Plymouth (The Underground) and Brighton locations.
• Ticket sales close August 11, limited seats available.
• Due to limited seating, EVERY person (including guest) must have a ticket for entry.

• Plymouth, $20 / Brighton, $10. Please note: Each registered participant may bring one guest for free. Guest must not be a regular attender in Women’s Ministry.
• Childcare (Plymouth only), $5 for the first child / $3 for every additional child
• REFUND POLICY – We certainly understand that some circumstance are beyond one’s control and life happens. For one reason or another, you may decide after registering that you need to cancel. In order to keep costs affordable to as many as possible and to adequately plan for this event, it is necessary for us to have a nonrefundable refund possible. You are however, allowed to transfer your paid fee to another non-registered person. Please contact brohn@northridgechurch.com if you wish to pursue this. Thank you for understanding.

Plymouth Painting Night and Childcare

Brighton Painting Night



We welcome moms of preschool children (pregnancy-through Kindergarten)…urban, suburban and rural moms, stay-at-home and working moms, teen, single and married moms… all moms who share a similar desire to be the very best moms they can be!

For you shall go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and the hills before you shall break forth into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands. Isaiah 55:12

Sometimes we need new eyes. A perspective shift that recalibrates our hearts to the rhythm of God’s goodness surrounding us. To tune our hearts to better hear the music of the divine echoing throughout this world. That we might let that goodness seep into our bones and into our hearts so we can remember what it feels like to flourish.

We think flourishing looks a lot like:

Celebrating Lavishly: Celebrating breathes life into our days. Could it be that commemorating moments might help us to become more alive, to remember what is good and become masterful at recognizing it? How would life change to regularly invite friends into our stolen moments with uninhibited dancing and the best food, while gathered around the biggest table with the deepest conversations? Lavish celebrations can be sacred markers that help remind us who we are.

Embracing Rest: Perhaps it is time to let go of exhaustion as a status symbol and productivity as a measure of worth. What if one of the most life-giving activities that would contribute to our flourishing is welcoming rhythms of rest and play into our lives? Creating healthy rhythms in our life is one way we nourish the weary spots in our soul.

Noticing Goodness: Could it be possible that we don’t need new things but rather new eyes to see what we already have? What if we regained our sense of vision, an acute resolve to find hope in the cracks and mire of the mundane? Noticing what is good gives us the gift of perspective and reminds us the sacred is closer than we think.

We become more ourselves when we celebrate, rest and notice, and that looks a lot like flourishing. But this flourishing isn’t the precious or exhausting kind. This is a fierce flourishing. It is a deep-in-your-guts experience of gratitude and hope compelling you to raise your hands and dance freer than you ever have before. It is a fierce protection of your most important moments, an invitation to rest and an opportunity to enjoy the people who are right in front of you.

This year at MOPS, may we become a home for found wanderers, redeemed prisoners, explorers at the edge of their comfort – all of us who were one-time captives now celebrating our unearned freedom, because we have regained the eyes to see. May this year unfold into radical expressions of your own unique Fierce Flourishing.

• September-May, every other Thursday
• Morning Session: 9:15-11:30a (Childcare provided) // Evening Session: 7-9p, both sessions at NorthRidge Plymouth

Children Enjoy Coming Too!
The MOPPETS Program (available during the morning session) is designed to be a safe, loving and creative place where your children can have fun while you receive a needed break. The dedicated MOPPETS workers provide individual attention to each child during the MOPS meeting.

Fees & Dues
There is an initial annual fee of $23.95 for registration which goes to MOPS International for your membership. Additionally, a fee of $20 is due each semester (Fall & Winter) to cover the MOP meeting. Price goes up from $20 to $25 on Sept 1 and Jan 1!

Our MOPS group is a ministry of NorthRidge Church. MOPS International is a non-profit organization. Registration is required for you and your child(ren).

Morning Registration Evening Registration Questions? Contact MOPS



Looking for a place to connect with other home school families? Whether you’re new to homeschooling, thinking of homeschooling or a seasoned veteran, this is the place for you! One of our main goals is to build authentic relationships with one another as we journey down the homeschool path.

The mission of NorthRidge Church is to “Wake the World Up to Jesus. Show them His love. Teach them His truth. Involve them.” We’re excited to live out this mission as homeschool families connected through this amazing church family! Please join us as we meet for monthly educational outings, mom’s nights and get to know each other along the way. NorthRidge Church membership is not required.

Events: Our monthly educational outings are scheduled on various days and times during the months of August – June. We’re excited to announce a great line-up of encouraging parent’s and mom’s nights over the course of the year! Our family picnics take place at the beginning and end of the traditional school year (September and June).

For more information on how to get involved with the Homeschool Connection community, register for free and find instructions in your confirmation email. click here