Being a man means living with character,

resolve and strength in a way that shapes and impacts the world for the Kingdom of God. It's our mission to come alongside you with God's Truth and the right connections as you live the adventure that God created you to live.


Every Man a Warrior

Let’s face it, men are losing the battles of life. According to research…
• 40% of all Christian men will divorce
• 50% of all Christian men in America look at pornography
• 60% face major financial issues
• 75% feel disgruntled at work
• Nearly all struggle to balance career and family demands

Every Man a Warrior helps men succeed in life! It’s relevant-recounting the stories of real men dealing with real life struggles and revealing how God has solutions. No man wants to fail! This course is designed to equip men with the essential skills to fight and win in the battles of life.

This is a 27-week course, broken into 3 parts
•Book 1: Walking with God
•Book 2: Marriage and Raising Children (Single men may choose to skip this book.)
•Book 3: Money, Sex, Work, Hard Times, Making Life Count

Registration for the next session of Every Man a Warrior will open in Fall 2014.

Until then, check out one of our Men’s Community Groups.

Men’s Community Group


Get Healthy

This is the zone you can’t overlook or pass by… it’s time to man up and get healthy. Every Monday night from 7-9p, we have classes that meet specifically for men to help you deal with some of the unresolved issues you may face.

MEN’S INTEGRITY – The Men’s Recovery Group is a Christ-centered support group for men seeking recovery from a variety of issues. This may include relationship difficulties, pornography addiction, lust and possibly compulsive sexual behaviors. The cornerstone for our recovery is the power and love of Jesus Christ. We recognize that without a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, we would not have the ability to overcome our hurts, hang-ups and habits. Materials used in this group for discussion are the book and workbook “At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry” by Steven Gallagher. (Available in our Resource Center)

ANGER RESOLUTION – Are you a captive to unresolved resentment? Has anger “broken into” your heart and robbed you of joy and peace? This is a Christ-centered support group for men seeking to gain the upper hand by discovering biblical principles and methods for overcoming such overwhelming emotions. You’ll learn about healthy vs. destructive anger, and how to trust Jesus for emotional control by using a 13-step program that will help you handle your anger and restore healthy emotions. Please purchase “The Anger Trap” book by Les Carter to be used in the group discussion. These are available in our bookstore

AUTHENTIC MEN – Where do you go when life doesn’t make sense? There are so many distractions and pressures around us today – work, family, time commitments, etc. Sometimes the “noise” keeps us from focusing on what really matters and how we can grow on our journey with God. Join other men and discuss ways to learn how God designed you to be. Various studies will help you discover how to be a better son, husband, father, and friend and improve your relationships with others. This is an open and ongoing group. Materials can be purchased in our bookstore.

SUBSTANCE ABUSE – Find the help, hope and healing you have always longed for as you work through this Christ-centered 12 steps. Separate Groups for Men and Women are offered. Workbook, “Recovery-It’s a God Thing.” Is provided and used in discussions.

More Classes.


Get Going

Beast Feast – It’s a wild game night and we’re not talking about a board game… the hunters among us will be supplying the meat. Stay tuned!

Quarterly Serving Opportunities – This is where we will put action to our words and serve in our church and community.

Men’s Choir – We’ve proven we can do this… 200 men and the largest Father’s Day choir ever assembled at NorthRidge. If you can sing Happy Birthday in tune you are perfect! The commitment is easy… 2-3 practice sessions and be available on Father’s Day!

Road Trips – This depends on you and your interest… let us know of any ideas you may
have that we can throw into the mix to consider.

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