The anchor of our church

Though we stay pretty busy around here, the weekend services remain the anchor of our church. This is our time to learn about God, worship and be in community.

New Series
October 20 - November 4

Have you ever thought...
     :: A little more money was going to make you happy?
     :: Moving up one more position at work is going to give you value?
     :: If you could get that certain someone to love you, then you would have security?

Of course, you have. The story of humanity is the story of us spending our lives chasing things that do not satisfy us, have never satisfied us, and never have any hope of satisfying us… but we continue to pursue them anyway. We long to fill our hearts that so often feel empty and void of life— they feel like a Ghost Town.

But the good news is that emptiness we all feel isn’t an accident. It’s been hard-wired in each of us for a reason. Join us for the next three weeks for our new series, Ghost Town. Together we'll explore just why our hearts feel so empty and what God’s plan is for how we can find purpose, beauty, and significance in the middle of it.

Plymouth Shuttle: If you regularly attend the 11:16a Sunday service at the Plymouth campus, park at Adient to allow easy access for our guests. The shuttle runs from 10a-1:30p. Map

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