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Life Remodeled

Oct 1 - Oct 6
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Central High School
2470 Collingwood, Detroit, MI 48206

Don't miss this opportunity to join the 2018 Central neighborhood 6-day project with Life Remodeled. It is always a blessing to serve alongside thousands of volunteers from the neighborhood, corporations, civic organizations and churches throughout Metro Detroit. Serving with the united purpose of impacting lives! Who is Life Remodeled? Learn more...

Volunteer activity will include cutting overgrown brush, mowing grass, removing debris, painting, planting 1,000 trees and perennials, build community gardens, install ‘little’ free libraries, designate the safest routes to schools with artwork, upgrade several parks, install new bus shelters and add neighborhood signage and so much more. We provide all of the necessary tools, a volunteer t-shirt, bottled water and lunch.

How is NorthRidge participating? Not only have we financially invested in Life Remodeled, but when we send money we want to send our people.

There will be 10,000 volunteers on site. Bring a family member, friend, or your Rooted Group. Sign-up now for one or more days beginning October 1-6. (Children must be 14 years of age or older to participate.) Work hours are from 8:30a – 5p.

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