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Our mission is to to create a simple and engaging first step for a man to get connected.

Group Studies
Plymouth Campus

Plymouth AM - Tuesdays, April 10, 6:30-8:30a
Join us as we discuss how to read and understand the Bible. Throughout this study we will look at different portions of the Bible in an effort to understand what God is saying to us and how we should respond to Him. No book purchase is necessary, simply bring your Bible. If you do not have one, we will have Bibles available for you to use. Register Now

Plymouth PM - Fellowship with Believers
Tuesdays, April 10 - May 22, 6:30-8:30p

Were you raised going to church? Have you ever left the church? Has the church ever hurt you? Have you ever wondered what is the purpose of the Church? If you have ever asked any of these questions, we encourage you to join us on Tuesday’s for a 6-week study as we seek to understand the nature of the church as a whole and how it functions as the body of Christ. Register Now

Every Man A Warrior
Plymouth Campus, 6:30-8:30p
EVERY MAN A WARRIOR is a 27-session guy’s study designed to help you succeed in life, especially in the areas of walking with God, marriage and raising a family, money, sex, hard times, and making life count. Register for Every Man A Warrior.

Brighton Campus

Brighton, AM & PM - Praying in Faith
Tuesdays, April 10 - May 22
Have you ever had questions about Prayer. Maybe you’ve asked God for something and never received it. Maybe you prayed for someone only for your request to be denied. Join us for a 6-week study and we seek to better understand praying through the study Praying in Faith.

Brighton AM, 6:30-8:30a - Registration  |  Brighton PM, 6:30-8:30p - Registration

Gross Ile Campus

Grosse Ile PM
Tuesdays, Beginning April 10, 6:30-8:30p

Reading the Gospels without knowing the personality of Jesus is like watching television with the sound turned off. The result is a dry, two dimensional person doing strange, undecipherable things. But when we discover his true character-this man who made the wind, music and flying squirrels-suddenly all of the remarkable qualities of Jesus burst forth with color and brilliance like fireworks. Join us on Tuesdays at 6:30p as we jump into the book “A Beautiful Outlaw.” For more information and to register, click here.