Control your money... don’t let it control you

Money is an amazing tool when used well. The Scriptures tell us to use it for God’s Kingdom and our coaches can help you learn how. Whether you’re investing, purchasing life-insurance, setting a budget or managing your giving, financial coaching is here to help you do it in a God-honoring way.


Financially Fit 101 is a class designed to provide those looking for support in navigating their finances. This class will go over Stewardship Foundations, Basics of Budgeting, The Importance of Planning and Goal Setting. You'll learn how to... create a zero-based budget, develop a "debt-snowball" plan, goal-set with your money, and have an opportunity to work one-on-one with a Financial Coach. This class is perfect for individuals, couples, and families who are looking for an introduction to financial literacy, budgeting and stewardship basics! 

For more information or to meet with a Financial Coach, available free of charge, Contact Us.
Interested in becoming a Financial Coach?

NorthRidge Financial Coaches are trained to meet people who want to gain control of their finances. Coaches need to have the heart of a teacher and be willing to help walk people through a step-by-step process of creating a budget and spending plan, and a debt elimination plan. The foundation of the coaching ministry is God’s biblical principles of stewardship. Training is provided.

We are confident that as you put your faith into action you will grow in ways that will surprise you. Join the team, expand your heart, develop an eternal perspective and let God transform you in the midst of your service to him.