Come Together

A place to connect and grow with other 18 to 25’s and build lasting community. 

Balancing work, school, family, and social life can get a little crazy. And no matter what life is handing you right now, know that these evenings will serve you well. You will have an opportunity be a part of a group of young adults where we will dive into a Bible study that will encourage you and strengthen your faith. Not to mention, you will have the opportunity to connect with other young adults in the process!

For select Thursdays during the summer, we will be meeting at different parks in the area to enjoy the warm weather, play some games, and eat some good food! Below are the current park dates and where we will be meeting... See you there!

Thursdays, 7:00-8:30p
July 5 - Waterford Bend Park in Northville
August 2 - Heritage Park in Canton

If you would like more information, email us.

International Friendship Partner
Over 141 countries are represented at our local colleges and universities and we have the opportunity to show international students the love of Jesus while they are here! You or your family can build a relationship with an international student by having them over for dinner, taking them to fun events, or just taking them to shop for groceries.

Why should I be an International Friendship Partner?

Being an International Friendship Partner is a unique opportunity to do international ministry without ever going overseas!
- 70% of international students don’t set foot in an American home
- 80% of international students don’t set foot in an American church

It is estimated that one in four international students studying in the US today will lead the world tomorrow, and by the year 2025, half of the world’s leaders will have been an international student. When international students return home, they return as leaders who will go back and have influence in their home country. God has given us a chance to influence world leaders right in our own backyard!

What is involved?

You/your family can meet with the student you are matched with about once a month for a meal or an activity. You and the student can commit to one school year or one semester at a time. International students are excited to learn more about American families and American culture. You can show them God’s love simply by being their friend, sharing about your life, and taking an interest in theirs. If you are interested in learning more, email Amanda in Student Ministries.