Encouragement and Support

Codependency is a group for a family member or concerned person of an alcoholic, substance abuser or person from a dysfunctional background that is interfering with relationships. This may be a spouse, child, friend, parent, etc. and the group offers support and encouragement to individuals dealing with codependent tendencies.

The purpose of this co-ed group is to create an atmosphere in which people can share their experiences, strengths and hope with one another. It is our goal to direct family members to an intimate, dependent relationship with Jesus Christ so wholeness and healing are possible. Support and accountability are important to the group.

Purchase the workbook "Conquering Codependency" by Pat Spring that is used in the group discussion.  Available through Amazon.com. or at the book table for exact change ($19) or check to "NorthRidge Church."

Mondays, 6:30-8:30p at the Plymouth Campus
Open and ongoing group, able to join any time.

During July/August, childcare is not available.
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