A support group designed to meet the emotional & spiritual needs of those living with chronic illness or pain. Through the group setting, you will have the opportunity to grow spiritually, while surrounded by others who share similar circumstances, unrevealed answers and even joys, while living with a chronic illness or physical pain.

Topic and materials used in group for September is available for purchase in bookstore:

Recipe for Recovery - by Chronic Pain Anonymous
Based in a tradition of spiritual, mental and emotional recovery, this book provides you with Twelve time-tested Steps, used by people throughout the world for leading a satisfying and fulfilling life, regardless of any physical health challenge.

Whether your chronic condition is a result of
• accident or surgical procedure
• disorders such as arthritis, lupus, MS, fibromyalgia, diabetes, Crohn's disease
• life-threatening illness, such as cancer or heart disease
• back pains, headaches or nerve pains
• or any other persistent physical illness or pain-related trauma or disease

... the Steps are a practical recipe and guide for reclaiming a celebration of life. This book will demonstrate that you are not alone. Recipe for Recovery is filled with dozens of true-life stories--personal testimonies of other people just like you. Each one speaks to how the principles of Chronic Pain Anonymous literally saved them from self-obsession, fear and depression, opening the menu of their lives to a whole new range of possibilities for happiness, acceptance and service to others.

Stories of Hope (optional)- Chronic Pain Anonymous
Written by members of the Chronic Pain Anonymous Twelve Step fellowship, STORIES OF HOPE presents the tools and principles of the Twelve Steps as catalysts for emotional, mental and spiritual transformation. Each of the courageous men and women who contributed to this collection shares their journey from despair to hope. You will discover, through the truth of their experiences, how it is possible to live in happiness and contentment, one day at a time, regardless of your chronic pain or chronic illness.

Times & Locations

Group not meeting currently. Will resume March 26, 2018.
Will meet on the 2nd & 4th Mondays, Plymouth Campus
Open ongoing group, able to join any time.

If you need immediate Care support, contact Care Ministries at 734.414.7777.

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