• Picture This


    Picture This

    A series on faith for the skeptics, doubters, seekers, unsure, confused and unconvinced. A series for all of us.

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  • New Life

  • The Line


    The Line

    Guest Speaker, Darren Whitehead, speaks on “The Line.”

    3 Talks

  • Breaking Out


    Breaking Out

    Claiming freedom from all that's holding you back.

    7 Talks

  • When Opportunity Knocks

  • All In

  • Expect The Unexpected


    Expect The Unexpected

    A manger? Shepherds? Poverty? This for the birth of the King of Kings? When it comes to God… Expect the Unexpected.

    4 Talks

  • Buck Dynasty


    Buck Dynasty

    While there’s nothing wrong with money, there IS something wrong with how most of us are dealing with it. So we’re going to look at what God has to say on the subject.

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  • Origins



    Welcome to our new series “ORIGINS.” We went to Israel and captured video to help you see and experience God’s story in a way that makes you thirst for more.

    8 Talks

  • Unforgettable



    Don’t you love summer and all it’s memories? These moments shape us. Scripture is the same way. There are certain verses and passages that, after embracing them, change us forever.

    14 Talks

  • Highlight Reel

  • Dear God

  • Instafam



    Great families aren’t made in an instant. It takes time and effort, but don’t you think it’s worth it? God’s given us the pictures. We just need to take a closer look.

    6 Talks

  • The Road Less Traveled

  • Break the Mold


    Break the Mold

    t’s so strange. We proudly proclaim our unique individuality, yet we still look and think like those around us. It’s time to break the mold and become the original God created.

    7 Talks

  • Awake My Soul

  • How To

    HowTo_Program - Template

    How To

    It’s New Year’s… again. Seems like yesterday we told ourselves,“This year it’ll be different.” And that was last year. Maybe we need to learn a little bit more about “How to” actually follow through.

    3 Talks

  • Learning Curve

  • Memory Sticks

  • Don’t Miss Christmas


    Don’t Miss Christmas

    Have you ever noticed that Christmas changes almost everything… But, it doesn’t seem to change the one thing it’s supposed to… us.

    4 Talks

  • 16 Words


    16 Words

    Words are Powerful. Sometimes the power is magnified when we use fewer of them. In this series, Brad will be presenting the heart of NorthRidge Church… IN 16 WORDS!

    4 Talks

  • Plus / Minus


    Plus / Minus

    There’s a whole lot of ugly in our world. Yet, we don’t have to be devastated by it. Whether life is ultimately a plus or minus is up to each one of us.

    8 Talks

  • Unforgettable



    Don’t you just love summer and all it’s memories? These moments shape us. Scripture is the same way. There are certain verses and passages that, after embracing them, change us forever.

    14 Talks

  • Like Me

  • The Family Circus


    The Family Circus

    Family… it’s valuable but not easy. Most families are as crazy as a three ring circus. So, we decided to take a look under the Big Top to see if there were lessons to be learned about the family… and all of our relationships.

    6 Talks

  • I'm Listening, Are You?

  • The Radical


    The Radical

    Because of Him, the world was different…forever changed…both then and now. And so it’s time for His followers to, once again, become like Him…RADICAL!

    6 Talks

  • Prayer… A Matter of Life and Breath

  • May I Have Your Attention Please

  • Sand or Stone

  • The Script


    The Script

    Amazingly, the great Author of life has written a script for each of our lives and our world. Sadly, most are missing it by attempting to write their own. What better time to get back on “Script” than at the start of a new year.

    5 Talks